Vertical Dilatometers

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DIL 820 Series Dilatometers operate in a vertical orientation, making them uniquely configured for sintering analysis, studies in Rate Controlled Sintering (RCS), and the determination of dilatometric parameters of samples otherwise difficult to analyze on classic horizontal design dilatometers. The 820 Series dilatometers are also particularly well suited for powder samples and samples that, during the test, develop a vitreous phase that would lead to sample interaction with the sample holder generating friction, a major source of errors in the measurement of dilatometric parameters.

所有四种仪器都具有1 nm分辨率的新光学编码器;当与DIL822的真正差异能力结合使用时,它会在市场上提高最佳敏感性和CTE的精度。

The vertical orientation also prevents the measuring systems and furnace tubes from sagging when used over long test periods at high temperatures, resulting in extended operational life.

Equipped with a linear motor generating a constant load throughout the experiment, the pushrod is kept in contact with the sample regardless of dimensional changes.

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